RAW Vegan

A series of posters promoting simultaneous events worldwide

Create a series of posters for an event of your choice.

Concept, photography, graphic design (with Kobi Tal)

Even among vegans, raw veganism gets a bad reputation, often from those who’ve never tried it. We wanted to try and challenge that notion.


In a world where more and more are turning to veganism, and a rich range of culinary options makes the dietary choice barely a sacrifice, raw veganism still gets a bad rap.

Regarded by many a choice made purely for health reasons, raw veganism is often imagined as the opposite of primal — a sterile, joyless eating experience.


Kobi and I wanted to focus on the primalilty of eating raw vegatables, in all their bleeding glory.

We wanted to liken these juicy, luscious vegetables to the way eating meat is perceived — an indulgent, messy, lust-filled fleshly pleasure.

The eye-catching campaign is designed to bring people to the conferences, held simultaneously in 3 vegan-friendly metropolitans. There they would be able to learn (and taste) more about raw veganism.