Film Festivals

Posters for existing and fictitious film festivals

Create posters for different film festivals.

Concept, photography, graphic design, (a tiny bit of) motion design

Concise, easily-read images, that capture a film genre's essence and lure audiences in to find out more.

As one would mostly see them passing by, these posters were designed to hit the spot — they had to be simple and capturing, while also representing the film genre at hand well (not overly general, but also not overly specific.)

Berlin Independent Film Festival

The Berlin Independent Film Festival focuses on European low‑budget films, showcasing new filmmakers achieving great things with tiny budgets.

The poster, inspired by that DIY spirit, combines a cinematographic angle and dramatic lighting with a tiny‑budget object.

Porn Film Festival Berlin

This poster was designed for an alternative independent film festival that takes place yearly in Berlin, and focuses on sexuality, politics, feminism and gender issues.

Porn is all about crevices — regardless of what body they’re connected to. This simplification allows for representation of all genders and races, and also hints at sexual content without being overtly sexual (and thus allowing for advertising in public spaces.)

Drama Festival

This fictitious festival focuses on tear jerkers — sentimental films that leave no eye dry as the credits roll up.

Films shown range from “Forrest Gump“, through “Million Dollar Baby” and all the way to “Dancer in the Dark“, making for one clear recommendation to the (extra soft) audience: Bring tissues. Lots.