Lasting Dance at Last

Design for Lecken’s post-COVID-19 rave and workshop program

Graphic design, motion design

(photos by Damian Carta, Camille Lafourcade, Filipe Serro)

Lecken is an erogenous queer rave, and this was its first edition since COVID-19, preceded by a program of free somatic workshops and performances. I designed stickers and social media posts to celebrate the return to the dancefloor. 

“We often don’t realise how important dancing alone, or dancing in clubs, is for us. It allows us to engage with people without talking. We can communicate with our bodies to maybe reach a state of euphoria. When we’re sitting at home on our couches, during lockdown, trying to just survive, we lose access to this way of communing, and falsify it with things like the internet or drugs. But If you just focus on going to the party and moving with everybody, you start to feel like a pack of wolves, even if you’re not attacking anything or have no end goal. The purpose is putting euphoria back into your body, and that’s brilliant! And we don’t realise that this is why clubs exist, I think.” (Austin Fagan)

Dance at last!
Dance as if you hadn’t been at the dance for years.
Dance out all that's been repressed.
Dance so hard that your dance spills all over the streets.
Dance for the other in yourself and for yourself in others.
Dance like a trance.
Dance to feel more.
Dance is many things.
Set your intention on the dance.
Dance at last in a lasting dance at last.

Before the party, Lecken hosted a two-day program of free pre-rave workshops, titled "Racing Bodies, Raving Minds". The program expands on the community-weaving practices Lecken’s network initiated during the pandemic, featuring elements of somatic activism, movement practice, book clubs, collective intimacy and critical pedagogy. During the pandemic we learned the significance of such practices for deepening the bonds of queer kinship and everyday solidarity beyond the dance floor.

Funded by the Berlin initiative, DraussenStadt, this program reflects the conviction that arts and culture are not only aesthetic disciplines but socio-political practices with material, sensorial and affective qualities, capable of conjuring engaged togetherness, healing potential and collective transformation.