An online magazine for anti-colonial queer poetry 

Design a multi-lingual online poetry magazine and bring it to life.

Web design, identity design, editorial design, programming (with Webflow.)

(illustration in project thumbnail by Guilhermina Augusti)

KUIR is a series of poetry events with a special focus on trans* BIPOC migrants and performers, centering anti-racist, anti-patriarchal, anti-fascist, anti-capitalistic and anti-(neo)-colonialist values.

During COVID-19, the physical events could no longer take place, and there was a need for a digital platform to fill the gap. I designed, built and launched the platform as an online magazine for commissioned videos, articles, critiques and essays.

Visit project website
Visit project website

KUIR’s two content sections, Articles and Poems, are each designed to fit the section’s needs. Articles sport larger text size and a sans-serif font, while the poems retain a more classic poetry look-and-feel.

KUIR uses gradients as the main ingredient in its visual language, and its colors are inspired by pride flags (the trans* one in particular.)

A platform by and for migrants, KUIR is multi-lingual. Every article and poem is available on the website in up to four languages.