Artikel 11*

An online exhibition for participants of an Ubuntus e.V. project

Design an online exhibition space for photographic exercises.

Web design, identity design, programming (with Webflow.)

(with Niklas Krüger)

Artikel 11* is an online exhibition, showcasing selected photographic works by the project’s participants. These engage with topics such as Disability Rights, Vulnerability and Solidarity amidst 2020’s COVID-19 pandemic.

Ubuntus e.V. is a cross-generational art education program that creates space for collective engagement with contemporary political art. This space is always significantly influenced by its participants and their individual realities of life. Article 11* was significantly shaped by the disabled and able-bodied people and the people with and without experiences of flight and/or trauma who took part in this project.

Visit project website
Visit project website

Participants worked together in small groups (educational sponsorships), that consisted of an adult specifically vulnerable to Covid-19 pandemic and/or who is disabled, a child or teenager with or without disability who has experience of flight and trauma and a child or teenager with or without disability who has no experience of flight. The participants primarily interacted in a virtual project-space: Each week offered new exemplary impulses from contemporary art combined with photography briefs. Participants worked with different forms of materials and input that they received online and offline.

At the end of the project, the participants engaged with a specific piece of contemporary art, which reflected on inclusivity, disability rights, vulnerability and solidarity. This served as a base to form and clarify individual desires and standpoints from which the participants would then develop and execute their personal photographic staging. Professional and personal assistance was provided throughout the course of this project.

Accessibility is a priority for Ubuntus e.V. and for this project particularily, and the webssite was designed with this in mind. It is also multi-lingual, as are the project’s participants, currently available in three languages with more to come.